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Therapy begins with discussing your reason for seeking services and identifying goals you would like to accomplish.

Our time together will consist of identifying your strengths, patterns of behavior, challenging old beliefs and learning new ways of living.


We will work with you to build an emotionally safe and respectful relationship.

Therapy is a safe place but the process can cause uncomfortable feelings at times.  This discomfort is a part of the growing process for change to occur.  Our work is a collaborative effort and we will work at your pace, be respectful of your boundaries while providing a protected and warm environment.                            

Experience, Trustworthiness, Excellent Care & Services.

With over 12 years of experience, you can expect the best care and services from Pathway Counseling. We specialize in trauma-based treatment and working with adolescents and their families through individual and family therapy models. Pathway Counseling's lead therapist, Fayon Witche LPC has been working with mental health agencies that partner with Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCPP), Juvenile Justice Commission, and in positions providing trauma-focused therapy, crisis intervention, individual, family and group therapy. Pathway Counseling has worked with a wide variety of clients from different backgrounds and cultures. We understand the value of culture and its impact on an individual’s lifestyle and choices.  Our Therapists are experienced in treating Anxiety Disorders, Mood Disorders, Behavioral/Anger management issues, Personality disorders, and Trauma.

Ready to begin?

Contact us with your questions or to schedule a free 15-minute consultation. 

Between the time it takes to receive our support, here are

10 helpful Emergency Stress-Stoppers: 

  1. Count to 10 before you speak or react.

  2. Take few slow, deep breaths until you feel your body un-clench a bit.

  3. Go for a walk, even if it's just to the restroom and back.  It can help break the tension and give you a chance to think things through.

  4. Try a quick meditation or prayer to get some perspective.

  5. If it's not urgent, sleep on it and respond tomorrow.

  6. Walk away from the situation for a while, and handle it later once things have calmed down.

  7. Break down big problems into smaller parts. Take one step at a time, instead of trying to tackle everything at once.

  8. Turn some chill music or an inspirational podcast to help you deal with road rage.

  9. Take a break to pet the dog, hug a loved one or do something to help someone else.

  10. Work out or do something active.

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