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Pathway Counseling is with you every step of the way.

Explore our Therapy Services & Workshops below.  We look forward to helping you maximize your potential to create your best life. You matter; you are valued, and you have a purpose.


Agreement about payment methods is discussed prior to our first session and then discussed more fully during intake. 

Insurance Information & Fees

Your initial appointment begins with an intake session which includes the gathering of information and discussing the reason for your visit.

We accept direct payment methods of cash or credit card. Out of Network accepted

We are a network provider for Cigna & Horizon Blue Shield.

Missed Sessions or Late Cancellations:

In order to provide professional care and services, we schedule a single weekly (or biweekly) time slot for a client.  Missed sessions are not billable to insurance and you will be charged.  A charge of the full session is applied when appointments are missed or canceled with less than 24 hours’ notice.  In the event of a planning error or preventable miss, the 24-hour policy holds.  Missed sessions or Late cancel fees can be waived for emergency issues only.

Scheduled appointments may also be done by phone call at 862-205-5162 or email

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